Code of Conduct – Be good and stay safe

Rule of rules
  • Report suspicious behavior: We are a community and should look out for each other.
  • tamaview shall never be used to confirm the identity of private individuals.
  • tamaview shall never be used to share copyrighted, illegal, obscene, or profane content.
  • tamaview shall never be used to engage in illegal activity.
  • Do not use tamaview while operating a vehicle of any kind.

Only make an offer if you can perform the task
  • If the request is inside a paying event that you can't enter, do not make an offer.
  • If you have no time to perform the task, do not make an offer.

Be focused
  • Start the film when you can focus on the request 100% (free hands)
    1. Take a breath after arriving with your bike
    2. Secure your bike
  • Always film with the phone in the horizontal position
  • Try to steady the camera as much as possible
  • Move slowly and avoid fast camera movements

Do not disturb your surroundings
  • Always use your headset / headphone to communicate with the user. Never use the speaker on your phone.

Introduce yourself
  • Start the video by stating your name and welcome the user to his film.

Stay safe
  • Do not put yourself in harm's way for a request.
  • Keep a safe distance away from danger (agitated people, building on fire, police intervention, dangerous traffic, and much more)
  • Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited and you may end the call if you believe you may be in danger.

Respect people's privacy
  • While filming people in public spaces is legal, do no harass people on the demand of the user.
  • If requested to film minors, ensure you have consent from their parent/guardian prior to any filming.
  • Do not enter private places on the request of a user.
  • However, a restaurant, store or bar is not considered a private place unless access to the general public is not allowed.

Report disturbing requests
  • If any illegal activity is requested from you, do not get into a heated argument with the user.
  • If a user asks you to film something that you’re uncomfortable doing, let the user know and if you can’t fulfil their request end the call and report the user.
  • State calmly that you are not allowed or willing to comply. If that does not work, simply end the call and report the user.


Content or activity meant to impersonate an individual or organization is prohibited. Do not misrepresent who you are or what you are doing. Any requests by the user to misrepresent yourself should be reported immediately.

Copyrighted Content

You may not film the following copyrighted content:

  • Movies
  • Television shows and/or TV channels
  • Sporting events
  • Content that you or the user do not own or otherwise do not have the rights to share

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