No, it is not. What you have requested to see is for your eyes only.

Yes, you can. You will start the video muted. Unmute in the right corner to give more instructions. Your guide is instructed to wear headphones so that your voice should only be heard by your guide.

Safety is our priority. We have clear instructions in our code of conduct how to avoid risky situations online and offline for everybody using our platform. Our internal safety standards conform to the highest standards in the industry. Proven technology partners secure your information based on their state-of-the-art internal processes.

Currently, tamaview services can be accessed from all over the world. Placing a request, however, is available in New York City only. We are working hard to make that service available in your area as soon as possible. For more information contact us.

Included in our payment options are:

  • Credit cards (Visa and master cards)
  • Apple pay
  • Google pay

The price you will see is a proposal by the guide himself. To cover the transaction fee, city sales tax, platforms permissions and other costs, a percentage of about 10% is added on top.

tamaview is not in a need of cash due to the healthy business model, low internal costs and steady revenue. Smart money to help expand our operations is a valid option. If you do think you can offer a real benefit in expanding our operations contact us here.

Yes, you will, if the footage is intentionally not well performed by the moviemaker. We will investigate the issue and cancel the payment. However, if the footage is just not what you have expected, the payment will go through.

All you need is a bank account and a cellphone with a high-quality camera. Download the guide application here, create your profile, and you are all set.

All users of tamaview have access to the video feed of fixed cameras. However, only business owners can install a camera via the premium service. You own a business you would like to monetize on tamaview? Find out more here.

All users of tamaview have access to the video of VIPs. The difference between the VIP and the guide is that the VIP is visible on the map and can be selected. However, to be eligible for a VIP account you must apply in the section VIP. Apply here.

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