Discover your city

tamaview offers you the chance to check out cities and locations in real time. You won‘t be disappointed by content that is not up to date or based on wrong information. Before spending time and logistic costs to go to a bar or club for example, or even before travelling somewhere, avoid big waiting lines and make sure you “KNOW before you GO” that the atmosphere is what as you expect it to be. tamaview it!

What’s COOL to! Stay in the KNOW by receiving instant notes of events right next to you! For example: „free cocktails right now !“ „Live band playing now! „Don’t miss great opportunities around you and check out places in real time with tamaview.

It’s a whole new experience while traveling through a city. Don’t miss out on awesome opportunities or local events happening live right next to you.

Try tamaview’s free Share & earn service and monetize automatically.


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